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Hi, I'm Laura

I’m a whole lotta something, but mostly I’m a visual designer who likes to dabble in everything design. Because of that, I’m your one stop shop for all things visual.

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Some Fun Facts

Professional Laura

  • I’m currently living and working in the Kaiserslautern, Germany area, but I’ve also worked in Austin, Texas and Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Throughout my career, I’ve worked at a variety of places. Small agencies, start-ups, larger consultancies, and in-house design teams. My range of jobs has given me a better understanding that the same solution isn’t going to work for everyone. Research and adapt!
  • Being a multidisciplinary designer means being versed in many aspects of design, not just print or web or motion. I love it all and I’m constantly learning more.

Everyday Laura

  • I grew up near Philly, PA and went to school in Edinboro, PA. There I met my Army Nurse husband and we’ve been bouncing around ever since.
  • I’m a total geek. You should see how many TARDIS’s I have in my office. And I’m a sucker for a good Stormtrooper anything. And don’t get my started on why Firefly shouldn’t have been cancelled.
  • I’ve loved making websites and designing things for as long as I can remember, which is about sometime around age 12.


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